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Art & Photo Gallery

Welcome to our unique and diverse art gallery.  Contributions for this gallery will be accepted from all artists who paint, sketch, sculpt and draw.  This page is dedicated to all of the talented artists of the world.  Also, please note that the art galleries below do not belong to K-axis News Network™ or K-axis Music & Entertainment™.  Only the contributing artists have full discretion over the rights and responsibilities of the contributed content.  However, with permission, KNN has obtained approval and permission from contributing artists to display the following artistic images.

Now, let’s talk about the beauty of art.  Art comes in many different and unique forms and it is viewed, cherished and appreciated worldwide.  When many of us think about art, we tend to think about the Renaissance Era.  In many ways, art can be thought of as a form of expression, a thought or a representation of life or events.  Thousands of portraits were painted for thousands of different reasons.  Many of these artworks being controversial, disappointing or marveled by diverse audiences. 

Between the years of 1400 to 1600, West European culture witnessed a rebirth of classical learning and values, and for that reason, the era can be defined as the Renaissance.  In French, the word “renaissance” means rebirth.  Florence, Italy would be the the center of Renaissance which is known by many as a cultural revival from the Black Death of the mid-fourteenth century.  The Renaissance can be seen as an age of intellectual exploration, where the humanist sought to understand the nature of humanity in greater detail.

One of the most famously known artworks of the Renaissance era was The Renaissance Portrait from Donatello to Bellini collection which contained approximately 160 portraits.  The Renaissance has been said to have influenced the rediscovery of the individual.  Early Renaissance Italy also hosted the first great age of portraiture in Europe.  Portraiture assumed a new importance, whether it was to record the features of a family member for the future generations, celebrate royalty or a warrior or honor the beauty of a woman.

During the early Renaissance, artists working in Florence, Venice and the courts of Italy created magnificent portrayals of the people around them from heads of state and church to patrons, scholars, poets and artists concentrating for the first time on producing recognizable likenesses and expressions of personality.  The Rapid development of portraiture was linked closely to Renaissance society and politics, ideals of the individual and concepts of beauty.  The Renaissance Era has played a vital role in influencing thought, creativity and imagination for several centuries.

The works of Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669) and Edgar Degas (1834-1917) are more recent but also very memorable.  Self-portraits made by Rembrandt and Degas at the start of their impressive careers are seen side by side, for the first time in an exhibition that highlights the Dutch master’s guiding influence on the young Frence Impressionist and offers an intimate look at their unique kinship.  Rembrandt’s portrait was etched and Degas’s portrait was sketched in red chalk on laid paper, but both portraits appear as if they were sketched in pencil. The level of detail in both portraits were impressively intricate, especially the portrait of Rembrandt.

Any artist who has uploaded photographs of original non-copyright artistic material are encouraged to submit photos of your finest artworks and crafts to kaxismusicent@gmail.com




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